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Winning in Business is About Being Prepared

17 Jan 2019 12:25 PM | Deleted user

“Luck is what happens when Preparation meets opportunity” - Seneca

We have been building GCA since 2010, and, it has taken time grow the organization to what it is today. It has taken time to find the right strategic partners that can help us provide total solutions to our clients. It has taken even more time to build our membership and our list of newsletter subscribers who forward these articles to acquaintances and friends. And, it has taken time for us to create the systems we use to get results for our clients.

All of this preparation was necessary in our business; and most of it was done as we were going about our day to day business. It’s not like you can hold everything to prepare. Some of the best preparations are born from problems. Something breaks, you fix it, and - if the process was painful enough - you build a system to prevent it from happening again. That’s preparing.

The funny thing about preparing is that people begin to take notice. Clients notice the great work we’ve done for them. Strategic partners notice our professionalism and work ethic. Prospects notice our willingness to share information and resources to educate them about certification and procurement opportunities. And agencies notice our systems.

Then one day, as luck would have it, opportunities start to present themselves. Referrals from past clients pour in, business associates start referring business and prospect calls come in consistently. Things begin to pop!

So, what’s the secret to staying lucky in business? Well, you have to stay prepared. Keep doing the things that earned you those raving fans as clients. Keep networking and marketing to find strategic partners that can help you serve your clients better. Keep delivering great value and content to prospects. Keep working towards your goals because, like I figured out in corporate, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

About the author:

Myra Cisse is the owner of Certification Consultants LLC and President of GCA GA.  She worked as a banker for 20+ years and spent the last 6 years of her banking career assisting business owners and closing millions of dollars of SBA loans.  She is now combining her 20+ years of industry experience, 6 years of SBA lending experience and her journey in entrepreneurship to provide much needed government contracting education to business owners. Visit www.govassocaiation.org to learn more.

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