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Taking Advantage of EVERY Opportunity

05 Nov 2019 10:00 AM | Deleted user

When we met GCA member, Keith Anderson, a year ago we KNEW there was something extra special about him. Keith learned of GCA’s offerings through a close relative and thought it couldn’t hurt to explore the opportunities of membership. And he was absolutely right!

Keith Anderson is the founder and owner of KAG-1 which is a veteran owned logistics company based in Charlotte, NC. Keith understood that to get the most out of his membership, he would have to commit to traveling occasionally for some trainings and special programs offered by GCA. One event in particular was the Small Business Connection Series (SBCS) event entitled Heavy Hitters Big Spenders featuring the Capability Pitch contest back on August 22 nd of this year. “I traveled to take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with Ms. Prudence Howard from the VA and delegates who traveled from Korea to be here for the event,” reported Keith.

Traveling to Atlanta paid off as KAG-1 was one of the guests invited to South Korea to present at the Global Healthcare Conference last week. “The experience was overwhelmingly successful! The Korean delegates embraced KAG-1 and stated that I was the type of partner they were looking to work with,” stated Keith. “I presented on supply chain and how the VA & GSA schedules have a need for medical supplies. Through education and consistent weekly communication with each of the Korean companies, I have been able to a grow a connection that will lead to opportunities.” Consistency is key as we have seen so many business owners start the relationship building but not continue to pursue the follow through.

As we celebrate all veterans and veteran business owners in the month of November, the Government Contractors Association is especially proud of KAG-1 for representing his business, our organization, and serving our country for 20 years in the U.S. Navy. GCA will be honoring all Veterans at the November 12 th association event at 6pm. (Click to register https://www.govassociation.org/event-3592707 ). Refreshments will be served and parking is free.

Want to connect with Keith Anderson? Contact him directly at keith@KAG1inc.com or call 844-524-5241.

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