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Government Contracting Is A Love Affair

26 Nov 2019 10:00 AM | Deleted user

Government Contracting is a seductive and lovely lady. She is a Goddess, mysterious and sexy, intoxicating and sobering, full of richness and yet so far from reach. I first met her in late 2007 through an introduction by a retired Army Lt. Colonel.  At first glance, I was mesmerized. She had stolen my attention and I was drunk in love. My heart skipped at the sight of her. She was beautiful and gorgeous. Her perfume smelled like money, to the tune of nearly $500 billion each year. 

The more I got to know her, the more intrigued I became. She was complex and witty with great depth, filled with layers of regulations and legalize to keep me interested. It was easy for me to give my whole heart to her.

As our romanced developed I saw the many lovers she's had. She had captivated many before me and some found eternal bliss with her. Their love blossomed and their companies grew to multi-millions in sales. Others who were swept by her got lost along the way in the contracting maze. They under-estimated her complexities and never appreciated or became fond of how deep she really is. They were only attracted to her outer beauty and richness. They are the many that wanted a relationship with her but was left stranded, broken and destitute. I was determined not to be one of them. 

So, I set out to learn more about this mysterious lady named ‘government contracting’ and asked everyone who knew her well, how I can win her heart. I savored over thousands of websites and read hundreds of articles about her. I studied her roots and got to know her family. I traveled to see her in DC and around the country. The more I got to know her, the more intimate we became. The work and time I invested into our relationship didn't seem hard, it was easy for me to give myself to her.

It is in this discovery journey that led me to become the founder of the Government Contractors Association. In the course of my relationship with this Goddess of Government Contracting, I have accessed more than $900 million in contract wins for our members, clients, and my organizations.

Now it's your turn... that is why I set up the Government Contractors Association, so others like you can come and get to know her and experience how good she can be.

Government Contractors Association is an organization, made up of people who love to share the wonders of the contracting market. We love to tell the story of the beauty of this industry and spread the opportunities of its richness. It is full of resources, anecdotes, tips and strategies. This association is your introduction to this Goddess of Government Contracting. It is your gateway to the government contracting world. 

My hope is that maybe you too will fall madly in love with her.

Get to know this Goddess of Government Contracting by joining the Government Contractors Association.



Abraham Xiong is the Founder of the Government Contractors Association. He has an insatiable love for the B2G market. Over the last decade, he has taught thousands of entrepreneurs to implement the best practices learned from years of practical application and countless hours of research. For his work with the small business community, Mr. Xiong received President Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the Global Humanitarian Award and the State of Georgia afforded him as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Click Here to Learn More About His Methodologies: www.GovCademy.com 

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