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The Proof Is In The Pudding

03 Dec 2019 10:00 AM | Deleted user

As the membership coordinator I get the chance to witness the stories of many companies that come through the doors of GCA.  No matter the size, the goal for each is all the same….how to expand their current business.  Many startups to existing businesses know how to do what they specialize in, but where can a business owner go if they want to expand their knowledge in general business & government contracting, build key relationships, and have access to support in key areas of business?  The answer is GCA!

Before I committed to supporting members of GCA, I did my own research to make sure the "proof in the pudding" was genuine.  I discovered business owners that I knew personally who grew their brand based off the knowledge they acquired at events from GCA.  I am sure you are  aware of the local and national organizations that give guidance, but what made a significant difference to me is how GCA provides business support, education, & advice in a family-oriented atmosphere.  Those who remain committed and ran the race to the end have gone on to win millions in contracts and haven’t looked back. 

So yes, the "pudding" works!

Members of GCA get to partake in weekly deep dive sessions, attend association mixers to network, access to a bid platform that send bids out daily, access to a co-working space that has conference rooms, offices, & event space, and more.  The best highlights of GCA can be experienced at the Small Business Connection Series (SBCS) where every quarter a business/government event is held to help attendees connect with agencies, primes, small business owners, contracting officers, small business liaisons, and more!  If you are located outside of the Atlanta, GA area, you too can benefit from these offerings as well.  You see, once you have been taught the path to go, no one can take that knowledge from you!

Membership at GCA in the past years has always been the annual investment of $499 for all benefits listed and a few more. That investment is priceless when it can lead you to one contract that can change your life.  It is actually a no brainer.  But for those of you who need a little more convincing to take action, GCA is offering membership for $249 for the next 30 days.  Existing members can proactively renew at this rate (your membership will be extended into 2021 based on renewal date) and new members can benefit from the once in a lifetime special.  Go ahead and bless your business today before 2020 is here!  


To join go to www.govcontractors.org/join.  See you at the top!

Pamela A. Harris, CFCP 

Membership/Events Coordinator

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