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The End Of GCA?!

10 Dec 2019 10:00 AM | Deleted user

As the year comes to an end, will it be the end of your business or just the beginning? For one of our own here at GCA, the year will end in one chapter and beginning 2020 in a new one. For the past 2 years, Myra Cisse has done a phenomenal job serving as the President of GCA for the GA Chapter. Come the new year, she will be resigning her role at GCA and turning her focus to her business, Certification Consultants DBA Certified Federal Contractors. 

We would like to recognize, respect, and appreciate all the valuable skills, knowledge, and all the positive qualities that Myra has instilled onto us and to thank her for all her time and efforts in shaping what we do here at GCA. 

She will be remembered for the great things that she has done not only for this company but for all of the staff and members as well. Her many contributions to our success are immeasurable. She has contributed immensely to the company's success in so many ways. It is no gain saying that it will be difficult for anyone to surpass the good examples that she is leaving behind. Thank you for all that you have done Myra! 

A message from Myra Cisse, President of GCA GA Chapter: 

" It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter announcing my resignation as President of GCA GA Chapter. I, like many of you, came to GCA years ago because of Abraham Xiong and his vision. I had my company – Certification Consultants – and I was helping businesses to get certifications, but I knew it was only part of what they truly wanted. GCA allowed me to help my clients – and all the members – to learn how to win contracts, how to succeed in the government market, how to become successful government contractors. It has been a truly rewarding experience.

Certification Consultants DBA Certified Federal Contractors is now going to take the information that GCA has been teaching to others and apply it to win contracts for ourselves. As such, I can no longer serve as President for GCA as I will be focused on capture management for my business.

You will not, however, be getting rid of me entirely. I still have an office here at GCA so you will see me regularly. In addition, I will still be offering my services at the certification bootcamps and during periodic training sessions. As I pursue contracts that align with various capabilities outside my scope, I also hope to be able to team and/or partner with GCA members to perform those contracts.

I wish you all the best of luck in 2020." 

We wish you good luck and full success in future endeavors Myra!

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