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All I Want For Christmas Is A Government Contract!

25 Dec 2019 10:00 AM | Deleted user

I love it when chill is in the air and frost starts to form on the windshield. I love it when the leaves turn bright yellow and red. I especially love it when snowflakes start for fall. All these things signal my favorite time of the year, Christmas. There’s something special about this holiday. Maybe, it’s the family getting together. Maybe, it’s the festive parties or the great food. Maybe, we enjoy having a little time of R&R or time for spiritual reflection. For me, it’s all of that but I really cherish the gift wrapping and opening up presents. I love watching the kids tear the wrapping to reveal the surprise inside. I can see the one thought running through their minds; will I get what I want for Christmas.

I’m not sure what your favorite thing is during this time of the year, but as an entrepreneur and a government contractor, wouldn’t it be nice to open up an email with an AWARD notice from that agency that you’ve submitted your proposal to last month.

So, for this holiday season, I’m declaring that all I want for Christmas is a government contract and I wish that to all of you as well. I’m not sure what you want for Christmas, but a government contract will solve a lot of other needs. You’re ONE contract away from having an amazing 2020. You’re one contract away from paying off some bills. You’re one contract away from affording a new hire. You’re one contract away from being able to finally go on that vacation. One contract can go a long way.

GCA started the 2019 season with a goal to start pursuing some government contracts. It was so amazing to open up an email saying that we’ve won a contract. That is such a refreshing feeling. Some of you have experienced that… a few of you are still waiting to get your first contract.

Now that 2020 is here, what kind of emails do you want to open up this year. Will it be more spam or an award notice? Will it be millions in government contracts? If you want it to be contracts, what will you do differently to prepare yourself for it.

There are a few things which GCA can help you with. Firstly, we announced recently that Myra will be leaving her full-time role at GCA to build a government contracting company. We decided to do this so GCA can continue to be a training organization to help all our members and let her company be the contracting partner to GCA. Her company is called Certification Consultants, DBA: Certified Federal Contractors. She will be pursuing contracts and will be seeking teaming partners who bring solid capabilities to the collaboration. Her company will be able to do many of the heavy lifting which have often held back small companies. She will handle the opportunity sourcing, capture planning, pricing strategy, proposal writing and contract management. If you team with her company, your main task is to bring your capabilities to the table and deliver the product or service upon contract award. Myra will still be volunteering at GCA, but her focus will be working with companies to team on projects.

Secondly, GCA will be starting our Capture Management Training. These classes are held every Tuesday night, live at our office and online for those who wish to join us virtually. We will go through 12 lessons which will prepare you to become a serious rain-maker for your company. You will learn what it means to be a capture manager and how you can set yourself apart as an industry professional. Ultimately, you will learn the 5-P’s Methodology that has helped our members and clients win over $900 million on contracts.

We cover a new topic each session. We will guide you through our 12 Steps to Winning Government Contracts.

1) ASSESSMENT: Do you have resources? finances, credit, hr/strong staff, talents, mobilization capital

2) STRATEGY: Do you have a strategic plan? short/long term, jv, teaming, mentor protégé, sub, prime

3) EDUCATION: Do you speak governese? Understand contracting language, regulations, policies, standards, etc

4) REGISTRATION: How to get registered for opportunities. What certifications will you need, etc.

5) IMAGE: How's your brand? strong, recognizable, broad, reputation, past performance

6) MARKETING: Capability statement, biz card, website, marketing collateral, brand that speaks to gov't buyers?

7) RELATIONSHIP: Do you have the proper types of relationships in the gov't market. Triangle of relationships

8) OPPORTUNITY: Do you know where to find opptys, fbo, bid match, id opps, prospecting, etc?

9) PROPOSAL: Can you write proposals? Can you learn or hire one? technical experts, estimators

10) PERFORMANCE: Can you deliver and perform or do you need subs?

11) COMPLIANCE: Are you DCAA compliant? acctng system, trained personnel, QA program, insurance, bonding?

12) CLOSURE: Successful completion of project? Proper close out? Paid yet? ACO happy?

To register for the capture management classes, use this link:


So, on this final week of 2019, I want to say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2020 bring you lots of award notices.


Abraham Xiong is the Founder of the Government Contractors Association. He has an insatiable love for

the B2G market. Over the last decade, he has taught thousands of entrepreneurs to implement the best

practices learned from years of practical application and countless hours of research. For his work with

the small business community, Mr. Xiong received President Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the

Global Humanitarian Award and the State of Georgia afforded him as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Click Here to Learn More About His Methodologies: www.GovUniversity.org

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