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Fear versus Faith

07 Jan 2020 10:00 AM | Deleted user

If you are like me, then sometimes, you need a swift kick in the butt to get moving again. In times like that, it always helps to have a “straight, no chaser” type of friend around that is ready with the boot. Last week I was having a bit of a pity party and had let fear get the best of me. When I let myself get to that point, I can stagnate in my business and begin to create what I fear most… LACK.

Lack of new clients, lack of revenue, lack of momentum. I’ve written before about how fear can trap you in your comfort zone; but it can also be quicksand that will suck you further in the more you writhe around in it. The thing about fear is that when you spend any length of time dwelling in its presence, you literally, bring to bear what you fear the most. So how does one conquer fear? With Faith!

Faith is the only way to beat fear because it is the only thing that allows you to press through the uncertainty. And isn’t that the basis of fear. Uncertainty. If you are afraid of the dark isn’t it because you don’t know what’s hiding in it? If you are afraid to make a big move (in business, or life) isn’t it because you are unsure of the result? The uncertainty is what causes the fear and panic. If you KNEW everything would be perfect, you’d have no fear or angst. Well if you have faith, then you have that knowing.

I have to remind myself of this lesson more often than I care to admit. When I get fearful and panic stricken, I have to remember all of the times I’ve let go of the fear, walked right to the edge of the cliff…and kept walking. Miraculously I was carried to the other side (this is figuratively of course; please don’t try literally walking off of cliffs, lol). My business has been the biggest faith walk of my life, and the faith that I have built during this journey is what helps me deal with a plethora of personal challenges.

How does all of this apply to you? Well, what have you been putting off because of fear? Be honest with yourself. You may use the typical excuses like you don’t have the time, or the resources; but deep down, it has been the uncertainty that has kept you from doing what you need to do. I challenge you to pick one big thing that you have been putting off and do the following:

1. Face the fear. By naming the uncertainty surrounding what you fear, you can come to terms with it.

2. Find your faith. By understanding that you have no control of the outcomes - only of your actions - you can find confidence to do your best. Have faith that your best will be good enough.

3. Walk through it. Just do whatever it is you know to do next. By doing the next right thing, you continue progressing toward the goal. Your continued action is what guarantees success.

About The Author

Myra Cisse is the owner of Certified Federal Contractors.  She worked as a banker for 20+ years and spent the last 6 years of her banking career assisting business owners and closing millions of dollars of SBA loans.  She spent 5 years with GCA providing much needed government contracting education to business owners and is now applying that knowledge to grow her government contracting business. 

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