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Why Not Women..

21 Jan 2020 10:00 AM | Deleted user

Earlier this week, a colleague of mine ordered inspirational branded shirts with a variety of messages. The lady who made the shirts intentionally designed it where only the male shirts had the words CEO, Boss, Investor, Tech Savvy, I.T., A.I., etc. When my colleague asked the designer why she didn’t design those shirts for women, too, she couldn’t give her an answer. It never crossed her mind to think of a woman as a leader in business.

Hearing this really shocked me. I didn’t grow up with women in my family running businesses, but I always knew that pride and ownership in developing your own was essential. After being mentally drained in corporate America for a decade, I decided it was time to become one of the 11.6 million woman-owned firms in America. According to www.census.gov, women-owned firms account for 39% of all privately held firms in the United States. Woman-owned firms employ over 9 million employees in the U.S. which resulted in $1.7 trillion added to the economy. These numbers may sound great, but the reality is most woman-owned firms make less than $100,000 annually. In addition to low annual revenue, lady bosses have to overcome many other challenges. For instance, a male counterpart is more likely to raise over $100,000 in capital for his venture. StartupNation.com reports that women also lack a strong support system and women mentors who can advise them in their endeavors.

One thing I know we do well is connect and create. We just need a place to make that magic happen…a safe zone to discuss these matters and learn how to grow. A place to show all women and men that we can be bosses too. That is why the Government Contractors Association in partnership with my company, A Signature Flair Events (www.asignatureflair.com) will host the WOMEN WHO WIN conference on March 19, 2020 from 9am – 1pm. Join us as we empower and educate through stories of success and lessons from failure. We will highlight successful women CEOs who will share their stories of triumphs & trials in creating their enterprises. These women will share information on certifications, programs they joined, collaborations they formed, lessons they have learned, and so much more.

Women work hard and play even harder. Plan to join us in the Ladies Lounge where women can network, sip on mimosas while enjoying a massage, and shop in the Marketplace. For more details, visit www.WomenWhoWinConference.com.

Author: Pamela Harris

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