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Time For Change, Are You Ready For It.

08 Jun 2020 10:44 PM | Abraham Xiong (Administrator)


As professionals and entrepreneurs living in a sea of change, I hope that this article finds you well. We are all navigating a pandemic, an economic crisis, and a long overdue repudiation on racism. I am concerned about COVID-19, its impact on the economy and our small business community.  

However, I am hopeful that the worldwide protests stemming from the horrific tragedies from George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Abery will spur lasting change in this country and an end to systemic racism. It’s time for change in our hearts and our society.

It is in this spirit that our organization, Government Contractors Association was founded. Our mission has been from the very beginning to help change the disparities which exist for minorities, women, veterans, and the disadvantaged small business community in the government market. We remain steadfast to doing our part to facilitate change.

As such, I want to announce some changes which are happening at GCA.

NEW OFFICE: GCA will be moving. We will NO LONGER be at our 3190 NE Expressway office. In the coming weeks, we’ll have a BIG announcement about our new office space. If you like our current space, you will love our new space. In the meantime, our team will be working remotely until our new office is ready.

GOVDIRECTIONS: Our partnership with GovDirections has ended. For many of you who have enjoyed using GovDirections, you may continue to do so, but you’ll need to upgrade to their paid service. Moving forward, we will be providing our members with a new bid matching software called GovGenie. This new software will be more than just bid-matching, it will be a full government contracting capture management tool.

If you would like to be a Beta User and help us improve on it, use this link: www.GovGenie.com

NEW TEAM MEMBER: GCA has added a new team member. Meet Carlos Smiley. He has been an important figure in the government contracting world. He brings a background as a government contracting insider and a community leader. Learn more about him and see how his expertise can help your business grow in the government market.

Join us on June 9th at 6pm, Tuesday for this class which he will be teaching.

Behind the Veil: What Happens After the Submission of Your Proposal? www.govassociation.org/events

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