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  • 16 Dec 2019 12:48 PM | Anonymous

    This past week GCA celebrated the holidays by recounting the successes of 2019 and having a feast with GCA members and friends. It was great to see our friends from the Atlanta Black Chamber, Women in Defense and the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Food was in abundance and it seemed like Thanksgiving dinner all over again. There was turkey, ham, greens and lots of desserts (not the place to be if you were trying to cut back). As for me, I would love another helping of that dressing.

    The best part was getting to socialize and deepen relationships with our members. There were some talented members thrilling the party as they sung karaoke, and I think we discovered something new about our membership. GCA members- are cutthroat when it comes to playing spades. 

    Many people who signed up talked the talk, but there were two members who walked the walk! We want to congratulate Michelle & Reginald for winning the Spades tournament at our 2019 GCA Holiday Mixer! Enjoy that success while it lasts because we're all coming after you!

    There were prizes for the survivors… uh.. winners. We may even have to schedule another spades tournament soon. Let us know if you are interested!

    (Michelle Bonam of Earthbound Construction, LLC & Reginald Ferrell of Alpha Brain Consulting  - 2019 GCA Holiday Mixer Spades Champs!

    A little time was given to recognize new members as well as members who won contracts (5 winners this past month). A solid end of the year finish. GCA also announced some key scheduling and organizational changes. As always, you can monitor the GCA calendar at www.govevent.com but all should note that in 2020, GCA will begin conducting its Capture Management Training on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm. This training will be delivered in conjunction with the Capture Management Institute and will replace GCA’s Wednesday Workshops.

    Lastly, GCA’s Georgia Chapter President, Myra Cisse, is stepping down as she explains in the following video: (Click the image to be directed to the video link)

    Richard Brooks - CFO

  • 10 Dec 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    As the year comes to an end, will it be the end of your business or just the beginning? For one of our own here at GCA, the year will end in one chapter and beginning 2020 in a new one. For the past 2 years, Myra Cisse has done a phenomenal job serving as the President of GCA for the GA Chapter. Come the new year, she will be resigning her role at GCA and turning her focus to her business, Certification Consultants DBA Certified Federal Contractors. 

    We would like to recognize, respect, and appreciate all the valuable skills, knowledge, and all the positive qualities that Myra has instilled onto us and to thank her for all her time and efforts in shaping what we do here at GCA. 

    She will be remembered for the great things that she has done not only for this company but for all of the staff and members as well. Her many contributions to our success are immeasurable. She has contributed immensely to the company's success in so many ways. It is no gain saying that it will be difficult for anyone to surpass the good examples that she is leaving behind. Thank you for all that you have done Myra! 

    A message from Myra Cisse, President of GCA GA Chapter: 

    " It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter announcing my resignation as President of GCA GA Chapter. I, like many of you, came to GCA years ago because of Abraham Xiong and his vision. I had my company – Certification Consultants – and I was helping businesses to get certifications, but I knew it was only part of what they truly wanted. GCA allowed me to help my clients – and all the members – to learn how to win contracts, how to succeed in the government market, how to become successful government contractors. It has been a truly rewarding experience.

    Certification Consultants DBA Certified Federal Contractors is now going to take the information that GCA has been teaching to others and apply it to win contracts for ourselves. As such, I can no longer serve as President for GCA as I will be focused on capture management for my business.

    You will not, however, be getting rid of me entirely. I still have an office here at GCA so you will see me regularly. In addition, I will still be offering my services at the certification bootcamps and during periodic training sessions. As I pursue contracts that align with various capabilities outside my scope, I also hope to be able to team and/or partner with GCA members to perform those contracts.

    I wish you all the best of luck in 2020." 

    We wish you good luck and full success in future endeavors Myra!

  • 03 Dec 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    As the membership coordinator I get the chance to witness the stories of many companies that come through the doors of GCA.  No matter the size, the goal for each is all the same….how to expand their current business.  Many startups to existing businesses know how to do what they specialize in, but where can a business owner go if they want to expand their knowledge in general business & government contracting, build key relationships, and have access to support in key areas of business?  The answer is GCA!

    Before I committed to supporting members of GCA, I did my own research to make sure the "proof in the pudding" was genuine.  I discovered business owners that I knew personally who grew their brand based off the knowledge they acquired at events from GCA.  I am sure you are  aware of the local and national organizations that give guidance, but what made a significant difference to me is how GCA provides business support, education, & advice in a family-oriented atmosphere.  Those who remain committed and ran the race to the end have gone on to win millions in contracts and haven’t looked back. 

    So yes, the "pudding" works!

    Members of GCA get to partake in weekly deep dive sessions, attend association mixers to network, access to a bid platform that send bids out daily, access to a co-working space that has conference rooms, offices, & event space, and more.  The best highlights of GCA can be experienced at the Small Business Connection Series (SBCS) where every quarter a business/government event is held to help attendees connect with agencies, primes, small business owners, contracting officers, small business liaisons, and more!  If you are located outside of the Atlanta, GA area, you too can benefit from these offerings as well.  You see, once you have been taught the path to go, no one can take that knowledge from you!

    Membership at GCA in the past years has always been the annual investment of $499 for all benefits listed and a few more. That investment is priceless when it can lead you to one contract that can change your life.  It is actually a no brainer.  But for those of you who need a little more convincing to take action, GCA is offering membership for $249 for the next 30 days.  Existing members can proactively renew at this rate (your membership will be extended into 2021 based on renewal date) and new members can benefit from the once in a lifetime special.  Go ahead and bless your business today before 2020 is here!  


    To join go to www.govcontractors.org/join.  See you at the top!

    Pamela A. Harris, CFCP 

    Membership/Events Coordinator

  • 26 Nov 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    Government Contracting is a seductive and lovely lady. She is a Goddess, mysterious and sexy, intoxicating and sobering, full of richness and yet so far from reach. I first met her in late 2007 through an introduction by a retired Army Lt. Colonel.  At first glance, I was mesmerized. She had stolen my attention and I was drunk in love. My heart skipped at the sight of her. She was beautiful and gorgeous. Her perfume smelled like money, to the tune of nearly $500 billion each year. 

    The more I got to know her, the more intrigued I became. She was complex and witty with great depth, filled with layers of regulations and legalize to keep me interested. It was easy for me to give my whole heart to her.

    As our romanced developed I saw the many lovers she's had. She had captivated many before me and some found eternal bliss with her. Their love blossomed and their companies grew to multi-millions in sales. Others who were swept by her got lost along the way in the contracting maze. They under-estimated her complexities and never appreciated or became fond of how deep she really is. They were only attracted to her outer beauty and richness. They are the many that wanted a relationship with her but was left stranded, broken and destitute. I was determined not to be one of them. 

    So, I set out to learn more about this mysterious lady named ‘government contracting’ and asked everyone who knew her well, how I can win her heart. I savored over thousands of websites and read hundreds of articles about her. I studied her roots and got to know her family. I traveled to see her in DC and around the country. The more I got to know her, the more intimate we became. The work and time I invested into our relationship didn't seem hard, it was easy for me to give myself to her.

    It is in this discovery journey that led me to become the founder of the Government Contractors Association. In the course of my relationship with this Goddess of Government Contracting, I have accessed more than $900 million in contract wins for our members, clients, and my organizations.

    Now it's your turn... that is why I set up the Government Contractors Association, so others like you can come and get to know her and experience how good she can be.

    Government Contractors Association is an organization, made up of people who love to share the wonders of the contracting market. We love to tell the story of the beauty of this industry and spread the opportunities of its richness. It is full of resources, anecdotes, tips and strategies. This association is your introduction to this Goddess of Government Contracting. It is your gateway to the government contracting world. 

    My hope is that maybe you too will fall madly in love with her.

    Get to know this Goddess of Government Contracting by joining the Government Contractors Association.



    Abraham Xiong is the Founder of the Government Contractors Association. He has an insatiable love for the B2G market. Over the last decade, he has taught thousands of entrepreneurs to implement the best practices learned from years of practical application and countless hours of research. For his work with the small business community, Mr. Xiong received President Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the Global Humanitarian Award and the State of Georgia afforded him as a Goodwill Ambassador.

    Click Here to Learn More About His Methodologies: www.GovCademy.com 

  • 19 Nov 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin.

    We all want to plan but many of us struggle to plan for opportunities in the government sector. Some of the tools out there are really complex and hard to navigate. Other paid resources that aggregate the data for you can be expensive. So we want to share a few tools that we've found to be quite user friendly.

    One such system is the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Acquisition Planning Forecast System (APFS). The DHS APFS is actually easy to navigate (imagine that). Also, a lot of the search criteria is actually written in English and not “Acronym”. The fields that are in “Acronym” allow you to keep the default value of VIEW ALL and then narrow the search once you see opportunities. The things we like most about this system are:

    1. It allows you to forecast (since we are already in Q1 of the new fiscal year) and

    2. It allows you to narrow your search by program (i.e. WOSB, SDVOSB, 8(a), etc.).

    This APFS tool is used by just one department of the federal government; so, this is by no means the only source of procurement and acquisition information available. Another extremely friendly site is Unison formerly FedBid. This site is an online marketplace that many federal departments have turned to for sourcing goods and services. There are several advantages to this marketplace:

    1. It is SUPER easy to navigate,

    2. The bid process is much simpler - and therefore less expensive - than going a traditional route of

    preparing an RFP, and

    3. You can find opportunities at many different agencies on this one resource

    Those first 2 sites are free resources, and we all love free. However, if you can make a small investment in your business, then you may want to consider a tool like GovTribe. The cost is nominal for a single user and still relatively reasonable for up to 10 users. This will not only allow you to source Federal Contract AND Grant data, but it will give you valuable information like:

    1. Likely competitors (based on prior award data)

    2. Similar projects to the ones you review

    3. The people (contracting officers, etc.) attached to projects along with contact information

    Now that you have a few resources, start mining the data to see what opportunities you can uncover to help make 2020 your best year ever!

  • 11 Nov 2019 12:16 PM | Anonymous

    On Tuesday, November 6, 2019, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the formation of the new Procurement Collusion Strike Force (PCSF). This new unit is aimed at deterring, detecting, investigating, and prosecuting procurement-related antitrust crimes such as bid-rigging and price-fixing conspiracies. The unit will seek to protect taxpayer-funded projects at the federal, state, and local levels from antitrust violations and related crimes. Contracting fraud only serves to drive up government costs and limits the level of competition and participation in government procurement.

    The new PCSF will be an inter-agency partnership consisting of prosecutors from DOJ’s Antitrust Division and 13 U.S. attorneys’ offices, FBI investigators, and inspectors general offices of the Defense Department and the Postal Service, among others. In addition to investigating and prosecuting procurement fraud, the PCSF will also engage in training procurement officials nationwide to detect and report suspicious practices.

    Procurement officials will be taught the following MAPS analysis for detecting collusion (https://www.justice.gov/atr/red-flags-collusion):

    M = MARKET

    Who is in the market for this award?

    Find out how many vendors could compete for the award and which vendors are best positioned to perform the award. The award may be the target of collusion if:

    • There are few vendors in the market that offer the good or service. 
    • A small group of major vendors controls a large share of the market.
    • The good or service is standardized, so that the determining factor in the award is price rather than other competitive factors (such as design, quality, or service).


    Are there similarities between vendor applications or proposals?

    Closely examine the proposals or applications submitted by the competing vendors and look for similarities. The award may be the target of collusion if:

    • Two or more proposals contain similar handwriting, typos, or mathematical errors. 
    • Two or more proposals are sent from the same mailing address, e-mail address, fax number, or overnight courier account number.
    • Two or more proposals reflect that last-minute changes (such as white-outs and cross-outs) were made to alter price quotes.
    • The document properties of two or more electronic proposals show that the proposals were created or edited by one vendor.


    Have patterns developed among competing vendors?

    Review the outcome of prior awards for the same product or service to identify patterns over time. The award may be the target of collusion if:

    • Over a series of awards, competing vendors rotate as the award winner.
    • Over a series of awards, routine competing vendors win the same or similar amounts of work.
    • Over a series of awards, one vendor always wins, regardless of competition.
    • The vendor that wins the award subcontracts work to losing vendors or to vendors that withdrew their proposals or refused to submit proposals.
    • As compared with prior awards, a smaller number of vendors submit proposals for the current award.


    Have vendors demonstrated behavior that suggests that they worked together on the award?

    Keep an eye out for suspicious behavior that indicates that vendors worked together rather than competed for the award. The award may be the target of collusion if:

    • A vendor submits a proposal for a procurement or grant award, and you know that the vendor lacks the ability to provide the goods or services requested.
    • A vendor brings multiple proposals to an in-person procurement or grant process or submits multiple proposals.
    • A vendor makes statements on the phone or by e-mail indicating advance knowledge of a competitor's prices or likelihood of winning the award.

    Incentives for Good Behavior

    The DOJ provides incentives for companies to comply with antitrust laws, so that a company may avoid prosecution for criminal antitrust violations should they occur.

    The Leniency Program provides companies and individuals that meet certain conditions an opportunity to avoid prosecution for criminal antitrust violations. To qualify for leniency, a company must self-report the conduct and fully cooperate with the Antitrust Division’s investigation. Additional conditions are outlined and more details are available here (https://www.justice.gov/atr/page/file/926521/download)

    In addition to the Leniency Program, a company may qualify for a deferred prosecution agreement. The company would be required to self-report its offense and demonstrate that it had an robust and effective antitrust compliance program in place at the time of the offense.

    What does this mean for contractors?

    There are major consequences for public procurement corruption including being barred from government contracting, paying large fines/damages, as well as the possibility of criminal prosecution. The formation of the Procurement Collusion Strike Force will drive increased scrutiny of government procurement as well as better coordination of agencies during investigations.

    Contractors should expect an increased chance that their bids may be reviewed and should proactively implement robust and effective antitrust compliance programs.

  • 05 Nov 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    When we met GCA member, Keith Anderson, a year ago we KNEW there was something extra special about him. Keith learned of GCA’s offerings through a close relative and thought it couldn’t hurt to explore the opportunities of membership. And he was absolutely right!

    Keith Anderson is the founder and owner of KAG-1 which is a veteran owned logistics company based in Charlotte, NC. Keith understood that to get the most out of his membership, he would have to commit to traveling occasionally for some trainings and special programs offered by GCA. One event in particular was the Small Business Connection Series (SBCS) event entitled Heavy Hitters Big Spenders featuring the Capability Pitch contest back on August 22 nd of this year. “I traveled to take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with Ms. Prudence Howard from the VA and delegates who traveled from Korea to be here for the event,” reported Keith.

    Traveling to Atlanta paid off as KAG-1 was one of the guests invited to South Korea to present at the Global Healthcare Conference last week. “The experience was overwhelmingly successful! The Korean delegates embraced KAG-1 and stated that I was the type of partner they were looking to work with,” stated Keith. “I presented on supply chain and how the VA & GSA schedules have a need for medical supplies. Through education and consistent weekly communication with each of the Korean companies, I have been able to a grow a connection that will lead to opportunities.” Consistency is key as we have seen so many business owners start the relationship building but not continue to pursue the follow through.

    As we celebrate all veterans and veteran business owners in the month of November, the Government Contractors Association is especially proud of KAG-1 for representing his business, our organization, and serving our country for 20 years in the U.S. Navy. GCA will be honoring all Veterans at the November 12 th association event at 6pm. (Click to register https://www.govassociation.org/event-3592707 ). Refreshments will be served and parking is free.

    Want to connect with Keith Anderson? Contact him directly at keith@KAG1inc.com or call 844-524-5241.

  • 29 Oct 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Are we at risk of another government shutdown?

    There is always the risk of a government shutdown. Right now, the parties in Congress are at odds again and another possible government shutdown may happen as this year comes to an end.

    What is a government shutdown?

    Congress meets each year to pass a fiscal year budget.

    When they cannot agree on a budget, then they will general issue a Continuing Resolution to keep the government going until a budget agreement is reached.

    If a budget is not agreed on and the Continuing Resolution ends, then a government shutdown will occur.

    What things are NOT impacted by a government shutdown?

     Unemployment checks

     Social security

     Medicare reimbursements

     Farm subsidies

     Veterans' benefits

     Interest payments on the national debt

    Who are required to report for duty? (Essential Personnel)

    Essential personnel are required to report for duty. Although they do not know when their next paycheck will come.

     Active duty military

     Aircraft controllers

     Federal law enforcement agents/ Border patrol officers

    Who are not required to report for duty? (Non-Essential Personnel)

    Non-Essential personnel are furloughed and will not be paid.

     National parks

     National Zoo

     Smithsonian museums

     Diplomats

     IRS workers

    How are Government Contractors impacted by a government shutdown?

    Washington Post reports:

    Nearly 10,000 contracting companies impacted by the government shutdown

    According to Bloomberg, the shutdown may cost contractors $200 million each day, or almost $1.5 billion per week.

    What does this mean for you as a business trying to get into the government market?

    It does not impact you much at all, if any.

     Delay in RFP/RFQ’s being issue.

     Delay in you meeting with potential agency buyers.

     Delay in your marketing and capture plans.

    What does it mean for you if you are an active government contractor?

    If and when there is a shutdown, you may receive a STOP WORK ORDER if your agency or your project is impacted by the government shutdown.

    What is a STOP WORK ORDER?


    52.242-15 Stop-Work Order.

    As prescribed in 42.1305(b), insert the following clause. The “90-day” period stated in the clause may be reduced to less than 90days.

    Stop-Work Order (Aug 1989)

    1. (a) The Contracting Officer may, at any time, by written order to the Contractor, require the Contractor to stop all, or any part, of the work called for by this contract for a period of 90days after the order is delivered to the Contractor, and for any further period to which the parties may agree. The order shall be specifically identified as a stop-work order issued under this clause. Upon receipt of the order, the Contractor shall immediately comply with its terms and take all reasonable steps to minimize the incurrence of costs allocable to the work covered by the order during the period of work stoppage. Within a period of 90days after a stop-work is delivered to the Contractor, or within any extension of that period to which the parties shall have agreed, the Contracting Officer shall either-

    a. (1) Cancel the stop-work order; or

    b. (2) Terminate the work covered by the order as provided in the Default, or the Termination for Convenience of the Government, clause of this contract.

    2. (b) If a stop-work order issued under this clause is canceled or the period of the order or any extension thereof expires, the Contractor shall resume work. The Contracting Officer shall make an equitable adjustment in the delivery schedule or contract price, or both, and the contract shall be modified, in writing, accordingly, if-

    a. (1) The stop-work order results in an increase in the time required for, or in the Contractor’s cost properly allocable to, the performance of any part of this contract; and

    b. (2) The Contractor asserts its right to the adjustment within 30days after the end of the period of work stoppage; provided, that, if the Contracting Officer decides the facts justify the action, the Contracting Officer may receive and act upon the claim submitted at any time before final payment under this contract.

    3. (c) If a stop-work order is not canceled and the work covered by the order is terminated for the convenience of the Government, the Contracting Officer shall allow reasonable costs resulting from the stop-work order in arriving at the termination settlement.

    4. (d) If a stop-work order is not canceled and the work covered by the order is terminated for default, the Contracting Officer shall allow, by equitable adjustment or otherwise, reasonable costs resulting from the stop-work order.

    (End of clause)


    A stop work order means to stop work and stop incurring cost.

    You must stop work immediately upon receiving a stop work order

    If your company receives a stop work order from Contracting Officer…

    Get clarification and comply by it.

    Notify any effected suppliers and subcontractors

    The government makes no guarantees it will take any further deliveries whatsoever, regardless of the contract type.

    The government makes no guarantee of payment after the stop work order if you continue work.

    If you have received progress payment for work or products, complete that which you have been paid for because they have ownership rights.

    If you’re in the middle of the work, (work-in-progress) then determine a stopping point with the contracting officer.

    If the government has not paid you for items which you have ordered, they have no claims to it and you can resell it if you choose to. When things recommence, you can provide a new quote.

    Manage your risk and treat the stop work order as if you will not continue again or hear from the again.

    If and when the CO has funding to recommence work, you can submit a proposal and renegotiate the scope of work, the amount and delivery date. NOTE: FAR provisions allow for both price and delivery under the equitable adjustment within the spirit of the original contract. 



    GCA or its representatives are not attorneys and are not providing legal advice. Everything discussed here are for educational purposes only.

  • 30 Apr 2019 4:30 PM | Myra Cisse

    I am quite the HGTV junkie and on an old episode of House Crashers, Josh Temple said “When given a choice, always take the Magic Beans and Trade the Cow!” Six years later, I still remember it. For those of you who may not remember the show, the basic premise was that a contractor stakes out a home improvement store for unsuspecting Do-It-Yourselfers to take him home and do a renovation of a room in 3 days. All for FREE!!!!!

    Those of us who watch, and even you reading this who may never have heard of the show, are thinking, well that’s a total no brainer. But I challenge you to take a moment and do some self-reflection to see if you really have the faith, trust, wonder and belief required to take such an offer. To, in essence, take the magic beans and trade the cow.

    You see, most of us are cynical. I mean if you are past the age of 25, you’ve likely gotten burned in life a few times, and each of those experiences of being hurt, lied to or cheated on become the filter through which we see all other experiences. It takes an incredible amount of faith and courage to see each person for who they are and to see each situation for what it is. It is impossible not to carry your prior experiences into each new interaction, but it is possible for you to choose not to let prior experiences taint the purity of the present.

    I believe we all have been given instincts, intuition, and judgment but we don’t always use it. When we are young and naïve we, oftentimes, don’t trust our instincts and as a result suffer the consequences. Therefore as adults we taint the present because of mistakes made in the past when we may not have been mature enough to follow our intuition. That can be a vicious cycle.

    Rarely in life will you be confronted with a scenario like they depict on House Crashers; but there will be many times in your life when you have to give up what you know to brave the unknown. These are all Magic Bean vs. Cow moments. The “Cow” is the status quo, what you’ve always done the “safe” bet. But the “Magic Beans” are the possibilities, the what-if’s. The Magic Beans will take you places that the Cow never will. Why? Because the Cow represents doing the same thing you’ve always done and the Magic beans represent taking a risk.

    So in business, as in life, you have to make these Magic Beans vs. Cow decisions; but in business you not only have your personal filter through which you are viewing situations, but also the business filter that you’ve acquired  with every business encounter. It’s OK to be a little hesitant about choosing the Magic Beans; since you can’t be sure that the beanstalks will sprout and grow, nor what’s at the top. But you can be certain that if you choose the Cow, you’ll never find out.

    The next time you are presented with a Magic Beans vs. Cow decision take the following steps and you won’t go wrong:

    1. Take a moment to check in with your intuition. Your gut is rarely wrong
    2. Remove the filters you’ve acquired and view the experience with untainted eyes
    3. Choose the Magic Beans, Plant them and Hold on for the ride!

  • 28 Feb 2019 2:54 PM | Myra Cisse

    Call me one of those naïve entrepreneurs who believe that together everyone achieves more, but that is the way I see the world. One of the reasons I struggled toward the end of my corporate career was because of the “Leader Board” System. Let me assure you that I am not one of those parents who believe that there should be no losers in the soccer game and that everybody should win. But it was hard for me to be in that type of competitive environment at work. Maybe it was because for those on top of the leader board, management believed they could do no wrong and for those who weren’t… Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. I also saw firsthand how some people would cheat their way to the top of the leader board; and experienced how painful it was to be stabbed in the back when I wasn’t willing to do the same the get to the top.

    Despite the hurt and betrayal I experienced in Corporate America, I still believe that in business one’s gain is NOT another’s loss. You don’t have to step on everyone and anyone who’s in the way to get your slice of the pie because the pie expands! I believe that the more you give, the more you get; and the quickest way to get what you want, is to help as many people as you can to get what it is they want.

    Give, and it will be given to you (Luke 6:38). As an entrepreneur, I oftentimes collaborate with other entrepreneurs and small business owners. The purpose of collaborating isn’t to get any immediate benefit; the purpose is to exchange ideas or to share knowledge. What I have discovered is that every time I give of myself and my time with no expectations, I always get some unexpected benefit. ALWAYS! It’s a spiritual principal.

    This happens to me so much in business that I’ve learned to just expect it. When I get down or discouraged – and believe me, that happens to ALL of us – I just remember some of the past blessing and then do these 3 things:

    1.      Ask for what you want – Oftentimes we struggle because we fail to ask for what we need. (Matthew 7:7)

    2.      Act on opportunities – Act on the opportunities that are given to you. When we ask, it is always given… ALWAYS. But many times, it is in the form of an opportunity that we need to take action on. You will never get an unsolicited check in the mail when you ask for money folks; but the opportunity that landed in your lap will often provide exactly what you asked for

    3.      Stand in AweSome folks would call those opportunities and circumstances that align luck or coincidence, but I know a blessing when I experience one. Stand in awe of the awesome power of God and the Universe and continue to be willing to give.

    My challenge to you this week is find ways within your business that you can give - and I don’t mean give away the farm, we still gotta eat right. It doesn’t matter if it’s done by way of a seminar, a webinar, an educational video on your website, a white paper or an e-book. Choose your method and then find opportunities to give that information to the people searching for it. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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