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These training videos were compiled and organized in alphabetical order by subject where possible.
 Certification: 8a BD Program - Requirements  watch video
 Certification: 8a BD Program - Pre 8a Setting Expectations Part 1 of 2 (SBA)  watch video
 Certification: 8a BD Program - Pre-8a Introduction to Federal Contracting Part 2 of 2 (SBA)  watch video
 Certification: 8a BD Program - Suitability Assessment  watch video
 Certification: 8a BD Program - Two Year Waiver  watch video
 Certification: HUBzone Program - Eligibility & Requirements (SBA)  watch video
 Certification: Veteran & SDVOSB Program - How veterans can participate in Federal Contracts (SBA)  watch video
 Certification: WOSB/EDWOSB Program - The WOSB Advantage (SBA)  watch video
 Do I have to be the low bidder to win?  watch video
 Emerging 200 Program (e200) SBA  watch video
 Goverment Contracting Overview - Wis PTAC  download video
 Government Contracts Made Easier - interview with Judy Bradt  watch video
 GSA Schedule: How to get on GSA Schedule - Xenophon Strategies interview  watch video
 GSA Schedule: Understanding GSA Schedules  watch video
 How to win government contract - Biz Journal  watch video
 Introduction to Federal Government Procurement (TresPeche)  watch video
 Keys to Successful Government Contracting - Part 1 of 25 (Knoxville Chamber)  watch video
 Registration: How to apply for a DUNS number - (Cloveer)  watch video
 Regulations: Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) (TresPeche)  watch video
 Regulations: Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) (TresPeche)  watch video
 Regulations: How contracting rules are made (Administrative Procedures Act)  watch video
 Regulations: Legally Binding Contract (TresPeche)  watch video
 Regulations: Procurement Policies - Part 1 of 2 (TresPeche)  watch video
 Regulations: Procurement Policies - Part 2 of 2 (TresPeche)  watch video
 SBA Annual Federal Contracting Score Card   watch video
 Solicitation Cycle: Phase 1 - Pre-Solicitation (M3Corp)  watch video
 Solicitation Cycle: Phase 2 - Solicitation Award (M3Corp)  watch video
 Solicitation Cycle: Phase 3 - Post Award (M3Corp)  watch video
 Strategies for growth in Federal Contracting  watch video
 Types of Contracts: Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) Contracts - (TresPeche)  watch video
 Types of Contracts: Fixed Price Contracts - (TresPeche)  watch video
 Types of Contracts: Time & Material Contracts - (TresPeche)  watch video
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