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Teaming Co-Op Setup Fee

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The Teaming Co-Op Setup Fee: $5,000.00 This payment is Non-Refundable Payment for the Setup Fee is identified as Step 3. Joining a Teaming Co-Op Chapter begins with the following process: 1) Submit an application form: https://form.jotform.com/240395008480151 2) Get approved to join a Chapter You'll receive notification of your acceptance by the Membership Committee 3) Make payment for the Setup Fee ($5,000) This is the step that you're making by processing this payment. 4) Sign up for Teaming Co-Op Membership ($1,000/m) The next step is to make payment on your monthly Teaming Co-Op membership dues. This amount covers the cost of a proposal writer, opportunity manager, capture facilitator, and other support for the Chapter. This payment is Non-Refundable. 5) Attend the Teaming Co-Op Orientation Session You will receive an invitation to attend an orientation session to help you get onboarded to a Teaming Co-Op Chapter. 6) Sign all Teaming Co-Op Chapter Agreements You must sign multiple agreements to be an active member of a Chapter. 7) Attend weekly Capture Team Sessions This is the most valuable part of being part of a Teaming Co-Op. These sessions allow you to connect with fellow chapter members to nurture relationships, build trust, review bids, and pursue new opportunities. 8) Create specific teams to bid on projects When an opportunity is a good match for two or more companies, then a teaming agreement is signed, or a JV or MP-JV is set up. 9) Proposal writing Once a team or JV is chosen as the pursuit method, the proposal will meet with that team and start the proposal process. 10) Submission and award As the proposal is completed, it is turned over to the team for final review and submission. 11) Win, Perform, and repeat the process Proposals will lead to opportunity wins for the teams. Your team performs or delivers the solution, gets paid, and continues to repeat this winning cycle.

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