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One on One Coaching 

Government Contracting Coaching 

Government Contractors Association has created a powerful customized Coaching Program to help your company fast track into the government market.  A contracting business coach will work with your team on a weekly basis to help you win government contracts.  The coaching program comes with the Fast Track Software.

What is the Coaching Program?

The coaching program is an intensive 12 month program that will expedite your progress through the government contracting maze. A contracting business coach will work with you on a weekly basis to guide you through the process.

  • Training on concepts, techniques, strategies and learning the "Governese" language
  • Comprehensive approach, not just about chasing after contracts
  • Building your contracting department (team)
  • Assessment of your government contract readiness
  • Strategy development
  • Opportunity sourcing: finding forecasts, historical data, current opportunities
  • Relationship and marketing guidance
  • Proposal writing techniques and proposal guidance through the process
  • Project management guidance
  • Contract management and close up
  • Plus..... a whole lot more

What will I receive when I enroll into the Coaching Program?

  • Personalized one-on-one support
  • Business coach to guide your business
  • Step-by-step training
  • 12 months of coaching
  • Weekly training sessions (web or in class sessions)
  • Accountability for completion of all tasks as assigned by the coach
  • Customized online project management tool
  • Earn CCM Certification (Certified Capture Manager) if desired

How much does the coaching program cost?

  • Non-Member price: $48,000
  • Member price: $30,000
  • Monthly Payment Plan: $3000/month for 12 months



Yes, I am interested.  Request coaching assessment

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