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 Miscellaneous Items    
 Infrastructure Funding $1.2 Billions: How to Get Your Piece of the Pie  
 Free Government Gifts to Small Businesses Receive free laptops, furniture, equipment, and other items from the government 
Government Contracting Fiscal Year  Taking Advantage of the Government Fiscal Buying Cycles 
Capture Management  The Art of Capturing Government Contracts  
Certification Advantage How Small Business Certifications Can Help you Win More Contracts  
Contract Readiness Assessment  Use this excel sheet to assess 12 core contract readiness areas  
20 Point Assessment Use this excel sheet as a checklist to evaluate your business  
List of ED/WOSB NAICS  Qualified NAICS codes for certification into the ED/WOSB program  
Commercial to Government Expanding Your Business Through Government Contracts
Sourcing Opportunities  Sourcing Opportunities in Challenging Times
Behind the Veil What  Happens  After the Submission of Your Proposal?  
CMMC: Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification  The Most Important Regulation for Government Contractors  
Disaster Recovery   How to find disaster recovery contracting opportunities  
Getting a Guaranteed Appointment 

How to Get a Guaranteed Appointment With a Contracting Officer


Using the FAR and Regulations to Help You Win More Contracts  When you understand the policies and regulations, it can change how more effective you can be in landing more contracts.   
809 Panel - Set-Aside Program - Letter to Congressman This is a sample letter to your congressman to stop the elimination/changes of the Small Business Set-Aside Program  
25 Reasons to Sell to Gov't Market 25 Facts & Reasons YOU Should Sell To The Government!  
Quick Start Bootcamp  This presentation has all of the government contracting information you need to get started on a quick path into winning your first contract.

How to Grow your Business in the Government Market

  Learn about how you can grow your business into the government by understanding all the information you need at a introductory level.

 Wednesday Workshop Presentations    
 New FAR Regulations that can grow your BusinessJuly 11th 
  Joint Venture or Teaming Partner - Which Relationship Is Right For Your Business  June 20th
 How To Build Business Credit June 6th  
 Forecasting for Federal Opportunities  May 30th  

Creating Your Dream 100 List Jan 31st 

Relationship Diagram

 Cost Estimation for Proposals Jan 24th

 Building Business Credit Jan 10th 

List of Retail Vendors

 Association Meeting Presentations    

 Doing Business with VA & 6 Steps to Service-Connection Compensation for VA Disability  Nov  
 Disaster Recovery Contracting Opportunities  Oct
 City of Atlanta  Nov  

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